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Keeping it peachy..

If you live a busy lifestyle, you want to start the week off with a clean house. You try to keep up with the daily cleaning tasks but by mid week you realize that theres a pile of laundry waiting to be ironed and folded, a stack of mail left unopened, and a sink full of dishes. Hopefully everyone can wait till Saturday's clean-a-thon without clean underwear or socks.. Learning to balance the work load and divide the tasks you hate for specific days of the week will help eliminate the stress and leave your house company ready.

No one said you have to do everything but why not make it easier for yourself when it comes down to it! Follow these 10 steps for a happier household.

1. Make your bed everyday.

Even if you throw your duvet over your pillows and pyjamas to hide it, its going to look a lot more welcoming when you come back there later.

2. Tidy your vanity / side tables

Hide a microfibre cloth in a drawer and give it a good wipe down when you are done getting ready in the morning.

3. Do one load of laundry a day.

Throw in some laundry as soon as you get up in the morning, after breakfast put it in the dryer or hang it to dry. Don't ever let unfolded laundry enter your room. When you get home, you can put your dry clean laundry in your closet. If you have the "chair" in your room, get rid of it, or learn to hang your clothes back up as soon as you take them off.

4. Shower your shower.

Spray your shower with a natural cleaner after each shower! this will help keep mildew at way and keep your bathroom smelling fresh! *recipe coming soon*

5. Take your shoes off.

Shoes can track in unwanted mud and dust. Keep your 'landing strip' clear. A well organized coat closet, key rack and mail slot with help by having everything organized in the same spot. Change out your landing strip essentials depending on the season, store the rest.

6. Clear counters.

If countertops and surfaces are clear at all times your home will look and feel cleaner. Plus, no clutter!

7. Shop for cute bins.

Everyone loves shopping, and storage bins come in every shape colour and price for everyone. These can be used in drawers, closets and shelves. This can disguise your clutter and help keep you organized. Everyday do a walk through and fill the bins with accumulated clutter. When you get home you can put it in it's rightful place.

8. Do your dishes after every meal.

If it can't go in the dishwasher wash it right away. This also eliminates germs and bacteria growing on your surfaces. Don't forget to scrub your sink!

9. Clean as you cook.

Theres nothing worse than finishing a wonderful meal you just slaved over for the last hour and comping back to a kitchen FULL of filth. Clean as go and load the dishwasher. Set it on a timer so you don't forget to turn it on before bed.

10. Nightly tidy.

Set aside 15 minutes before bed to tidy up around you. Start with the things that make the biggest mess, or the most clutter.

Taking the time to make these 10 steps habits will help your home stay clean and maintainable so you can enjoy your weekend and make time for things that matter most.

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